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Sierra Quilt Guild
Programs and Events

June 12th  Presentation by 2023 Featured Quilter, Susan Rupp

July 10th  Ice Cream Social

August 14th Guild Challenge voting

September 11th  Preparation for the 2023 Quilt Show. Member voting and presentations by the 2024 Featured Quilter nominees

October 9th Presentation to the Quilt Show ribbon winners.

November 13th  Presentation by Lisa Norton “Material Girlfriends”. ( Twin sisters, Lisa and Lora have been sewing since they were very young. Lisa decided began quilting and with her neighbor Ingrid, began a block of the month (BOM) program at her local quilt shop. Unknowingly, Lora who lived 1000 miles away decided to try quilting and began a BOM program with her friend Inger. It wasn’t long before they were making their own patterns and designs. 2012 Material Girlfriends Patterns was formed.


November 14th  “Material Girlfriends” Lisa Norton Workshop.

December 11th  Christmas Party

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